Kaoru KANEKO  

Born and raised in Tokyo Japan
Graduated from the TAMA Art University / Industrial Design, Japan

Nov. 2015 .....
Kaoru has moved to Japan.
Jun. 2013 .....
Capitalizing on the numerous benefits provided by the highly regarded Italian industrial districts,
today Kaoru lives and works in Vigevano, Italy where he designs and oversees production of his
footwear and bags, insuring full control of product quality.
Kaoru has been exhibiting at the MICAM shoe fair in Milano since 2002,
and now, regularly exhibiting at the PITTI IMMAGINE UOMO in Firenze.
and his collections can be found in Milano, Firenze, Tokyo and the USA.

出身地 東京
1986年 ARS靴専門学校卒/イタリアミラノ市
1988〜2015年 イタリアに在住
2001年 現地法人KANEKO DESIGN S.A.S. 設立、[ KAORU KANEKO ITALIA ]ブランドで靴の
2015年 イタリアビジェバノ市立国際靴博物館に[ ONE-PIECE ] シューズ収蔵
2015年 帰国、KANEKO DESIGN L.L.C. 設立

"KAORU KANEKO" is a registered trademark.